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Working together does make a difference

The following excerpt from a police officer’s report to a NHWQ meeting shows just how effective neighbourhood watch, or, more correctly, neighbours, can be in preventing crime.

The offender may have managed to get away in the first incident but the residents were saved from an unpleasant surprise when they returned from holidays. In the second case an arrest has been possible because of the actions of the neighbour. In both cases the neighbours have followed the neighbourhood watch principles.

  1. At approximately 8:10pm a neighbour has heard noises at a house in xxxx Street where residents were away on   holidays. Neighbour has gone over to house and disturbed an offender jemmying open rear door. Nil entry gained and   offender has fled. Police are still investigating.
  2. At about 1:30pm a home in yyyyyy Road was entered and property stolen. Offender has jemmied open the front door to gain entry. A motor vehicle has also been stolen from this address. A neighbour saw the offenders acting suspiciously in area and called Police. Police attended and only missed the offenders by a matter of minutes. This neighbour also obtained footage of the offenders vehicle on their own vehicles dash cam. This footage   has then been used to ID the offenders and two males have now been arrested in relation to this matter. They were   also linked to other offences that occurred in zzzzzz the same day. 

Think about how you act in your neighbourhood – would you be as alert and proactive as the residents in these reports.

My neighbourhood watch motto is “Watching out for each other” – try it.



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